About WWE

WWE’s enterprise is on professional wrestling. WWE additionally has championship belts like 3 global Heavy Weight championship belts, ECW championship, The WWE championship and many more but the WWE superstars need to earn them. WWE also has three manufacturers Smack down, raw and ECW. WWE also have launched Video games that couldmove on PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox360, mobile, DS and the WII. survivor series 2018 live stream

There are also exceptional forms of matches like hell in a cell buried alive, hardcore, fatal4, triple risk healthy and plenty of more the also are unique suits like royal rumble, wrestle mania, unforgiven, no mercy, and lots of greater. There are also well-known wrestlers like John Cena, Rey mysterio, undertaker and Jeff hardy. John Cena born on 23 April 1977 beganwrestling in 2000. he is a hip-hop musician, American actor and was a limo driving force. His real name is John Felix Anthony Cena. 

Cena has launched the rap album u can not se me. He additionally stared in movies just like the Marine and 12 Rounds his uniform is a cap a t-shirt and a few excellent looking shorts. Rey Mysterio got his wrestling name from his uncle whose original name is Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio’s real call is Oscar Gutierrez. Rey Mysterio signature move is the 619. He may be very smart. Rey Mysterio is Mexican-American Rey Mysterio become born December /11/1974 his uniform is one-of-a-kindvarieties of mask and pants that say 619 at the facet.

The Undertaker also known as the lifeless guy actual call is Mark William Callaway. The useless guy made his debut in 1984. The undertaker were given his name when he lost in the casket suit and was burred alive but amazingly he controlled to get out of the casket one night time. He became born on March/24/1965 his uniform is a dark black brim hat a black coat and a Black Singlet.

Batista’s actual name is David Michael Bautitsta. His birthday is on January/18/1969. he’s currently signed onto the Smack down brand. He also is a bodybuilder and pro wrestler his uniform is undies that says Batista. There are also famous tag group companions like DX (tripple H & Shawn miacheals), The brothers of Destruction Undertaker and Kane) and manygreater. There are also girl wrestlers called Divas.

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