Balcony Glazing

Over theyears, theRede e Cia Glasshasimprovedeven more, so it operates with a wide variety of services in glass and mirrors, such as Envidraçamento de Sacada.  For 15 years in the market, glazing has followed the evolution of the segment and has become a partner of the most prestigious manufacturers of glass and hardware at national and international level, acting with national and imported products for Window Glazing.  Rede and Cia Glass acts with Window Glazing made with ‘safety glasses’ duly regulated by the standards of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards – ABNT. At Rede and Cia Glass clients have highly qualified professionals for installation and balcony glazing projects, which are always prepared to attend all the services.  Rede and Cia Glass performs Window Glazing in buildings of any height, offering highly guaranteedservices. The priceschargedby Rede and Cia Glass in Window Glazing are very competitive and the company facilitates payment. Rede and Cia Glass operates with Window Glazing in Guarulhos – São Paulo, a city in which it has a headquarters with 300 m² with total structure to serve all neighborhoods, as well as also performs Glazing of Sacada SP in all regions of the capital and in municipalities.


Do Balconies offer security?

The balcony glazing made by the Network and Glass Co. is totally safe, since it is executed by specialized professionals, suitable equipment and glasses and security fittings. Window Glazing is made with Tempered Glass – this type of material is highly resistant to bending and impact as it undergoes a process known as quenching in which it is subjected to a furnace with a temperature of 600 degrees and then cooled. It is five times stronger than ordinary glass.  In this type of application the glass still receives a colorless film of security that guarantees that in case of break the shards get stuck in it. The balcony glazing may also be made of laminated glass, composed of two or more glass sheets and PVB film or internal resin, but it must receive the appropriate treatment to be used in Balcony Glazing in accordance with the ABNT standard. The balcony glazing is very conducive to the environment, as it allows a panoramic view of the landscape. The Window Glazing offers total acoustic control, because when the glass is closed it avoids the entrance of sounds and external noises. The glass guarantees protection against wind, rain, dust, etc.


Window glazing with solar control glass, with manual and automatic opening and closing

Many people think that the Window Glazing leaves the environment very hot, which is not true, because with the use of solar control treatment in the glasses, Ultra Violet rays are blocked.

The solar control glass in Window Glazing offers total protection of the customers to the harmful rays of the sun, as well as it contributes to reduction of energy consumption, considering that it is not necessary to have air conditioning system in the environment.

The balcony glazing can be opened and closed manually or automatically. In addition to effecting Window Glazing, Rede e Cia Glass also performs services such as: Glass Coating, Glass Open Door, Automatic Glass Door, Glass Window, Glass Body Guard, Bathroom Partition, Office Glass Partition, Panel of Glass, Slate of Glass, etc.


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