CBT – Scooter Training and Buying Scooters Online

CBT – scooters and kid scooter training

How to move a CBT and what to expect.

CBT or compulsory basic training is not the walk in the park can be used to be, it is possible to fail your CBT. Contact Happy Days Shop in Chiang Mai

That being said it is not that difficult to pass, particularly if you understand the rules of the road.

Therefore, what’s included? 

1. Eye test
You will need to be able to read a number plate off a wall

2. Sit through the protection talk
The safety talk usually includes clothing and helmet advice, general road safety and a few other things. The talk lasts between 1 and 2 several hours.

3. Basic moves
You will be shown basic scooter skills and asked to complete several moves. Normally, this is done on private land and not on the road.

4. The trail test.
You will need to ride about the streets showing an instructor that you’re a safe rider.
The ride lasts about 2 hours and it is generally very easy, providing you know the dimensions of the rules of the highway.

5. Certificate
If you have completed all the portions successfully then you need your certificate at the end of the day, you wont have to do your CBT again for 2 whole years.

6. If you no longer move
You will be asked to come rear and repeat the areas that you failed on, this would more than likely be the road ride.

Should you really struggle on the roads then why not have a few car traveling lessons, maybe even take the car theory test. These things help you build confidence and knowledge.

If you do make a decision to take those car theory test I recommend buying the driving test cdrom, they have mock tests and inquiries to help you learn the rules of the road.

Buying a scooter?

Here comes the fun part, acquiring a new scooter!

Scooters today are incredibly cheap, you can *buy scooters online* for less than? 600, brand new.

Applied scooters vary in price depending on lots of factors, including age, brand name and condition.

Fresh scooters can be very cheap online, you can also buy brand called scooters from dealerships.

Low-cost Chinese scooters vs brand named scooters.

Cheap Chinese language scooters have somewhat of a reputation to say the least, the early on scooters where not very good in conditions of build quality. They used cheap materials, especially the wiring.

Things have transformed and now Chinese scooters are much better, Personally, i had a fairly high end Chinese Motorcycle and despite hearing some fear stories about Chinese cycles I can honestly say that I never a new major problem with my bike at all. In fact it was probably one of the better motorcycles I possess ever ridden, and We experienced ridden quite a few.

When I bought my Chinese motorbike it was 3 years old, had done about several, 500 miles and cost me about? 700. The bike looked fantastic and I can honestly say that I lost depend of the amount of folks that asked me about the bike. I would stop off at the shops and people would ask me about it, I’d be locking it up outside my house and people would ask me about it, My spouse and i even heard people speaking about it when We were in my house with the window open up, “wow thats a nice bike, I need one like that”.

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