Experience Comfort and Leisure at Fair Price at Gracious Angeli Travel and Tours Hotel in Baguio

The Gracious Angeli Travel and Tours Hotel in Baguio is meant for many who want to try out comfort and leisure minus the exorbitant bills. It does this very nicely and in more than an satisfactory manner. Viagem para machu picchu

Rooms and Rates

Generally there are 35 rooms available for guests with this beautiful two star hotel, with the rates beginning at Php 1, 200 and not higher than Php 4, 500 for the higher end types. No matter of which you choose though, every single one of them goes along with the necessities that you will need. Included in this are tables, chairs, cozy bedrooms, TV with cable, and showers equipped with hot and cold water.

Services and Accommodations

The Thoughtful Angeli Travel and Travels Hotel in Baguio has several amenities that guests and guests can share of, not the least that is the KTV pub. This is the ideal location to spend time with your friends if you enjoy playing music while having a few drinks. The wide selection of liquids available is another plus in this service.

Another one of the facilities on tap is the function hall or multipurpose room, which is aimed for groups that want to maintain conventions, seminars or meetings of some sort. Normally, given its name, one of its specialties is providing its guests with trips around the most interesting parts of the city. If you would like to be sent on your own, you will see that it is also near banks, grocery stores and diners.

Location and Contact Information

The Thoughtful Angeli Travel and Travels Hotel is accessible from the 25 Abanao Street in Baguio City. In case you are traveling in your own car, just look for the Maharlika Livelihood Structure or the Abanao Pillow.

The hotel will be right there. If you are received from Quirino Road, it is a stone’s throw from the law enforcement officials station, and about 3 blocks from the shuttle bus terminals and other open public utility vehicles. Thus, if you ever feel the need to serve, you need not go much to get a trip. The fact it is located very near to these places is an added attraction not to refer to convenience.

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