Gold Grillz

For anyone who is the sort of guy who are unable to seem to be to get enough bling, then Gold Grillz may be just what you are interested in. Billed as the “ultimate pimp” accessory, the new array of removable rare metal teeth on the market today is “blinding. very well Designed to fit over natural teeth, the grillz are generally created from silver and silver plate with rhodium (found in platinum eagle ore), to give them reflective white surface, in a process known as “flashing”. They are then studded with an extensive array of different gemstone stones as well as cubic zirconia and different metals in several outrageous designs. In fact, those looking to really “pimp out” can get tooth grillz to match their pimp cup, belts and spinner watches, etc. for the ultimate in gangsta look. mouth grill

Removable fake yellow metal teeth have long recently been favored by actors such as Lawrence Fish and Giancarlo Esposito as well as famous rappers including Estén Combs, Cypress Hills, RZA, and an increasing quantity of sports figures. In fact it is said that no rapper will step out on stage without wearing a grill. 

Top quality grillz are custom made from molds of each individual’s teeth, and so they wear not come cheap. This is also important to know just who is making them and that you are becoming a quality product. Those buying grillz with rhodium should be careful however, as certain “chemical complexes can be reactive” and has proven deadly in tests done on rats. In addition, rhodium compounds can stain individual skin badly. Still, if used in basic varieties, rather than in chemical substances, the metal is considered “harmless. “

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