Kitchen Renovation Wall Spruce Up

Home remodeling doesn’t just suggest replacing or upgrading your cabinets, counter tops, basins, and drawers. Have you ever just considered replacing your walls in the kitchen. Prescott Kitchen Remodel

Changing the way that your walls look in your breakfast area and your kitchen can greatly change the feel of the room. In the event you feel that art work is not enough really still too plain, you might consider putting and wainscoting, or some wall surfaces.

Just by adding some paneling to the present wall space give it a much more busy look. Furthermore, this paneling now can be your protection against chair marks on the wall. Also if the walls are in bad condition this paneling might conceal the defects. 

You can buy 48 in . tongue and groove walls with baseboard and couch rail as kits. This kind of is the right level for the wall safety in busy areas like the breakfast area in your kitchen where in the morning you might not be careful with regards to your couch hitting the wall.

This kind of also allows you to choose colors that will be highlighted on this trim work. This is an improved solution than wallpapers, of course though is actually far more expensive to under normal conditions.

Installing this paneling requires just only a few tools, a tape measure, a level, and lightweight tapping sludge hammer, a normal hammer, a table saw, and some nails all you have to consider here is how high you want your paneling to be from the ground. Then simply you just cut the boards to the accurate length not forgetting the additional height included in the total length of the paneling with the seat rail and baseboard added to it’s total level.

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