5 Awesome First Date Ideas

First dates are always a little scary. Will he/she like me? Will we be able to talk about stuff? Am I too boring? Classic dates like dinner and a movie can put a bit of pressure on people, sitting in silence with a person you just met for 2 hours in the cinema isn’t the ideal ice breaker in my opinion. Sure, it can give you a little bit to talk about afterwards but there are better ways to date out there. And here are 5 ideas that might give you a little bit of inspiration, a better date and leave a more memorable impression.

5 Awesome First Date Ideas

The Aquarium

I’m a little biased here, I love the aquarium. It’s tranquil, beautiful and mesmerizing. It also makes for a perfect first date. It’s an adventure under the sea that you can share together and there is always something to talk about. “Did you see that jelly fish?” “How beautiful is that clown fish?” “That turtle reminds me of a kid I knew in high school, he always ducked his neck in”. It’s an easy way to start conversations and share in something a little bit magical together. And after all, isn’t that what you want to start a relationship?

The Museum

Depending on the person you are taking out they would have to be pretty boring to not find something interesting in the museum. Take a stroll together through different rooms, admire art, laugh together at taxidermied animals and most importantly have fun. Much like the aquarium you will have tons of things to talk about, and depending on the museum closest to you they can be quite interactive, giving you games and information you can share together.

I took a girl out to the museum once and we had a ball with each other. I still have strong memories of us trying to beat each other at a reaction machine. It was a simple game where the machine would say “go” and you had to push a button to count your reaction time. This alone made for a good time, and that’s not counting all the other rooms we visited. From gem stones to exploring the human mind, the museum makes for an excellent first date.

The Zoo

Who doesn’t love meerkats? Or at least animals in general. Walking on it’s own raises dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, so this is a cheeky trick to make your potential partner feel good around you. Depending on the zoo there should be a good array of animals to see, and with any luck there will be one your date really relates too or wants to see. This can be a powerful first date if this happens because you will become the person your date will associate with their favourite animal.

Stop for an ice cream in the middle of your journey and talk about your favourite animals (even if they aren’t in the zoo) and you will be well on your way to forming a bond together. Animals are great.

Theme/Amusement parks

Get the Adrenalin pumping with an outing to an amusement park! They say love is a roller coaster, you just have to ride it. Why not take this experiment more literally and actually jump on the roller coaster together? Anything that raises an emotional response is good for a date because it leaves an impression on people. Theme parks are great places to explore. Take rides together, eat overpriced carnival food together and take a selfie with a dressed up person or of you in those whacky curved mirrors. It’s a great place to make memories, have some fun and get to know the other person a little bit to decide if a second date is going to happen.

Whatever is seasonal

There is always something going on in your city or country depending on the season, take advantage of it. From beer and wine festivals, to music festivals, to tulip farms, there is usually something interesting you can take a date to. Exploring things together is a good way to bond; work out the map together, get lost together, and try new things together. All of these things will allow you to get to know the other person better and find out if a second date is on the cards or if you two just don’t match up.


The perfect date is like a roller coaster. It should have ups and downs, filled with excitement and most of all something memorable. If you can go on an adventure together it forms a bond, it’s something you can talk about on the next date, and it’s definitely a breeding ground for romance to follow, if you two make a match that is!

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