50 fun activities

Whether you are just bored or if you are suffering from severe depression, it’s important to stay active and have some fun. So what does one do with one’s self? Here are 50 activities to give you some ideas of what you might enjoy doing.

50 fun activities

  1. Go Karting (just don’t hit a corner and get whip lash like I did, ouch)
  2. Rock Climbing or abseiling
  3. Wine tasting (this one can get messy)
  4. Go shopping (even window shopping is good)
  5. Knit a jumper (or learn to knit if you can’t already)
  6. Go skiing or snowboarding (if you are brave enough and the season is right)
  7. Get a pet (try rescuing one from a pound)
  8. Go to the movies
  9. Feed ducks at the local pond (those greedy ducks need feeding too!)
  10. Go to the zoo
  11. Go hiking
  12. Walk around the city
  13. Take photographs (go to an interesting location and snap away)
  14. Learn a magic trick (coin or card tricks are a good place to start)
  15. Go roller blading or ice skating
  16. Get lost on YouTube (this passes the time for sure)
  17. Going to a fair
  18. Play cards with your friends (or solitaire if you are on your own)
  19. Start a garden
  20. Go camping (this is nice and relaxing)
  21. Play golf (or learn to play, this one is a bit frustrating in my experience)
  22. Have a picnic
  23. Go for a drive to the beach (fish and chips on the beach, win)
  24. Go fishing
  25. Hit up a karaoke bar (Hopefully your singing voice is better than mine)
  26. Shoot some pool/snooker/8 ball
  27. Meditating
  28. Go to the movies
  29. Surf the internet (start off researching a subject you enjoy and before long you will be lost on the net)
  30. Dancing in the dark (no one can see your goofy moves)
  31. Donate blood (this makes you feel good and you don’t lose anything from it)
  32. Meal prepping (saves you cooking all week)
  33. Contact an old friend on Facebook
  34. Playing video games (A personal favourite of mine)
  35. Make jewellery
  36. Go to a sporting match (soccer, football etc)
  37. Exercising (pumping some iron or going for a jog is a great activity)
  38. Colouring in (there are lots of adult colouring books out there now)
  39. Go to a museum
  40. Go swimming
  41. Donate some time to charity (from collection box shaking to feeding the homeless this is very rewarding)
  42. Skipping stones on water
  43. Mini golf (a less frustrating version of golf)
  44. Scrapbooking
  45. Go bowling
  46. Going to a flea market (You never know what you will find)
  47. Write something (write in your journal, to a friend or even start a blog)
  48. Visiting a nursery
  49. Go to a fancy restaurant (oh la la)
  50. Go to a concert (Rock on!)

These are just a few ideas to get the cogs turning in your mind. If you are suffering from depression some of these can be harder than others to attempt. Start off slow and with something in your comfort zone and then gradually build up to trying things you normally wouldn’t. You will be surprised at the results and what you can achieve and how much better you will feel.

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