Five tips to help you eat less

Some foods are just delicious, let’s face it. But what can be worse than the deliciousness of food is the habit that comes with it! People eat for various reasons, the most obvious of course being hunger, but sometimes eating can be a symptom of boredom! Snacking can really boost up those calories but never fear there are some really good ways to combat this!

Five tips to help you eat less

Here are a few tips that can help you distract yourself and eat less in the process

  1. Exercise! Not only will this combat the bulge but it honestly is a good distraction. It’s pretty hard to eat cup cakes when you are doing sit ups or jogging! Doing exercise tends to lead to thinking about exercise, the results themselves will make you want to steer clear of the sugar and bad fats.
  2. Video games! Well, sitting down for long periods of time probably isn’t the best way to lose weight but it can offer a nice distraction from the nightly fridge raid. Maybe pair this up with a Nintendo wii or something and try out wii fit, it’s a cool game!
  3. Get a pet! Pets are not only awesome but they can be time consuming. Have fun with your new animal, build them a house, take photos of them, start a blog…well maybe don’t get too carried away.
  4. Find a new hobby! Did you enjoy wood shop at school? Or has collecting fashion cut outs from magazines always been your thing? Start something new! Find a new way to express yourself with something you have always done. Get out the pencils and pens right now and draw a picture or play some cards!
  5. Go adventuring! The world is your oyster, go and play mini golf or take a pick nick to a park (plan something nice if you also go for a walk, I suggest a lake or river) or just go for a drive (not so good for weight loss).

If you find that you are reaching for the fridge after dinner because you just have nothing better to do you may want to think about your options. Your wallet will love you and so will your body if you manage to cut down on your snacking. I hope these five tips to help you eat less will help you re-think about your health and how your life really could be.

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