Lyric Writing 101: Part 2

This is a component of my Lyric Writing manualright here you will discover ways to accompany words by writing tradelyrics.

it’s miles crucial now not to mistake trade lyrics with cowl songs. there are many ways to cowl a trackyou can regulatethe lyrics barely to modernize it like in the Disturbed cowl of Tears For fear’s “Shout”. you can also regulate the trackslightly as seen in Madonna’s version of Don MacLean’s “American Pie” or Sheryl Crow’s cowl of guns n Rose’s “candytoddler o’ Mine” [also altered to change the voice from male to female]. You be aware that the track in essence remains the identicaleach lyrically and melodically. For more examples of cowl songs, see the reference to ‘Triple M’s Musical project’ in element 1 of this guide.

What are they?

trade lyrics use both the melodic and lyric association of a pre-present track. The ‘new’ lyrics are sung to the same melody, and in the same manner as the unique tune. This technique is not handiest used by beginners, there are some ofmounted artists that use this exercise.

Why write alternate lyrics?

Many beginners use this exercise as a device to help the getting to know manner of mixing words with track. As for mounted artists, nicely there are numerous motives why – a few possible motives are as follows.

one of the most not unusual types of alternate lyrics are parodies. check out any of weird Al Yankovic’s paintingsa number of his titles consist of ‘Amish Paradise’ (“Gangsta’s Paradise” with the aid of Coolio); ‘It’s all about the Pentiums’ (“It’s all about the Benjamin’s” through Sean Combs, infamous B.I.G, Sean Jacobs, et al); ‘Constipated’ (“complicated” through Avril Lavinge).

exchange lyrics can be used to feature a touch ‘aptitude’ to a live performance, or spoil the monotony of playing the ‘identical’ tune every night whilst on tourthis could be visible inside the guns n Roses music “Don’t Cry” [both versions can be found on the ‘Use Your Illusions’ albums].

perhaps an excessive amount of changed into written inside the original track draft and the author adapted the extra to make a ‘new’ track. Or likely the writer was unable to determine on a selected perspective at the track, and persisted to adjust the tune until they observed some thing they have been satisfied with. this could be seen in the Staind songoutside“, you may find one of the authentic variations of this song through a simple search at the ‘net.

Getting commenced

It is probably fine while you first try to write exchange lyrics, to choose a tune that you are familiar with. whilst selecting a musictry to pick out a melody you know properlyfirst of allhave a look at the lyrics, making observe of styles includingrhyme schemes and syllable matter. What do I suggest via this? look for which line ends rhyme collectively and whetherthere may be a sample to it. depend the wide variety of syllables in each line and see if there may be any intentional design to them (notice no longer all may have this, but it’s miles critical to be aware of what is there).

* — * make sure you recognize the tune nicelylisten to it a hundred instances if need be. You need with a view to no longer best name the melody to thoughts but additionally how the lyrics are positioned and sung.

What are you going to write approximatelyyou will want to have a clear idea of what you’ll write approximatelyin case you are going to write a parody, what subject matter are you going to apply? Jot down any thoughts and thoughts you may cover within the tune, use something like the phrase affiliation sports in part 1 of this collection. If you decide to do a greater severe music, jot down some thoughts/wordsand many others that come to thoughts – this can help you in relation to the writing of the lyrics.

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