Modern Trends in Sports Administration and Management

one of the primary elements militating against the development of sports in Nigeria these days is loss of effectivemanagementlots of answers are being proffered by means of concerned and patriotic Nigerians each day to bail us out the quagmire. one in all such solutions is this article entitled “current tendencies in sports activities administration and management“. it’s miles written by way of Dr. Joseph Awoyinfa, a lecturer inside the branch of Human Kinetics and healtheducationcollege of educationuniversity of Lagos, Nigeria; a researcher and educational representativei was the individual invited through the writer and the college to study the book when it become offered to the general public on December 4, 2008 in Nigeria. philippe kerstens

in keeping with Awoyinfa, it’s far a truism everywhere in the world that game is now a reference problem which can no longer be ignored at diverse sectors of the economy and spheres of existencethe author adds that this newsletterconsequently takes a critical look at topical problems in sports activities administration and managementdwelling on theories and principles of present day traits in sports activities administration and management which includesmanagementemployerplanning, motivation, and so on.

The text carries sixteen chapters. chapter one is christened “the concept of sports activities management“. here, Awoyinfa says management is a idea that suggests different things to distinctive human beings at distinct timesfor this reasonleading to its multiplicity of definitions. He explains that control has been variously defined as an artwork, a technologysomeone or human beings, a subject and a method.

This writer expatiates that as an artsports activities management is all approximately carrying out sports organisational capabilities and obligations via human beingswhile as a technologysports activities control is ready organising sports activities philosophy, legal guidelines, theories, conceptsprocedures and practices. As an corporationconsistent withhim, sports control is defined as a way of making formal systems and an status quo based on a challengeobjectivestargetsfunctions and obligations.

Awoyinfa says as a person or organization of peoplesports management can also seek advice from the top by myself or to all the senior workforce, committee, etc.; while as a disciplinemanagement is a subject of observe with numeroustopics and topicsthe author illuminates that sports management as a technique is ready a scientific way of doing things. Awoyinfa highlights management features in sports management as planningsetting up, staffing, directing/main, controlling, coordination, budgeting and assessment. On whom a sports activities manager is, this author educates that asports activities manager is anyone at any degree of recreation employer who directs
the efforts of other humans toward the fulfillment of organisational desires recreationwise.

chapter is based on the subject rely of evolution and tendencies of sports management notionhere, Awoyinfa discloses that the development of thoughts on sports control dates back to the days whilst human beings first tried to performdreams via running together in a set. In his words, “there has been extreme questioning and theorising about handlingmany years earlier than the dawn of the 20 th (20th) century, which marked the beginning of current sports controlconceptmost important efforts to develop theories and concepts of sports management started out from the early 20th(twentieth) century with the paintings of Frederick Taylor and Henri Fayol. the industrial revolution of the nineteenth(19th) century probably supplied the weather for this very critical theorising.”

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