Music Licensing Directories

I’m certain you’ve heard the appearance before that in the music business “it’s who you know”. There is some truth to the idea but it doesn’t signify if you don’t already know someone employed in the business that you cannot become familiar with them. The music business is a business that contains an enormous network of relationships and the more people you have in your network of business relationships the more opportunities you will find coming your way. Although EVERYONE starts at the beginning as they say, so don’t worry if you do not already know the right people. Get acquainted with them! You can very easily start introducing yourself and building relationships by being aggressive and promoting yourself. This worked for me and I know it can perform for you too! submit music

1 of the best ways to discover people working in the music certification industry, if you no longer have any connections, is to use music guard licensing and training contact directories. You can certainly get contact information for music supervisors, music your local library and music publishers by using these music industry resources. Some places agree to unsolicited submissions and some don’t, so ensure that you contact each company first to confirm that they’re open up to hearing your submitter. There’s no reason for taking the time and work to submit your music if it’s not heading to be listened to. In this article you will find MANY companies that are ready to accept distribution from unknown songwriters, so don’t let the truth that the few places may accept unsolicited submissions stop you.

Where do you find music licensing contact directories. There are lots of available. My personal company, Tips on how to LIcense The Music. com, offers a great industry directory that is updated each yr. Visit my website for more information. Also try simply searching on Yahoo for “Music Licensing DIrectory” and I’m certain you’ll find other resources. You will find numbers of folks waiting to hear your music if you’ll usually the time and efforts to find them!

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