Pain Relief Therapy – History of Pain Management

Through the entire ages, regardless of what medical problem a patient suffered from, whether caused by disease or injury, one common factor always prevailed and this was pain. The only difference was the degree and intensity of the pain experienced by the individual. treat slipped disc

Pain is the oldest medical problem and could a medical job existed, and the cause of the issue was not recognized, the “patient” understood the pain he was experiencing. Within the medical occupation, pain is always the common factor that has to always be addressed today. 

The sense of pain posseses an essential protective value because it serves to alert the body of destroying stimuli like tissue harm or an inflammatory process or reaction. Types of such damage and inflammation include acute and chronic shock, arthritis, osteoporosis and attacks (bacterial and viral) among many others.

According to The International Association for the Study of Discomfort: –

Pain is “an unpleasant and emotionally recharged experience, associated with the actual or potential living of damaged tissues, or described in words of such damage. “( IASP, 1986). Linton (2005) added that pain is “expressed in behaviour. inches

Yet what was done to relieve pain in many years which has gone by? Drugs were used just for this: Opium after 1680, Laudanum which is a mixture of Opium and Sherry after 1680 and Chloroform after 1830. Then after 1846 Anesthesia with ether applied. Prior to drug use for most injuries and attacks, living changing action of amputation was used, which often in itself triggered a whole new collection of problems, including persistent pain, for the patient.

And of course today, our pharmacies are packed with all kinds of pain killers, many with part effects that can cause other medical problems, including death, and in the long-term are often addictive.

Found in recent years pain, it is symptoms and causes, is becoming much better understood by doctors. Research has shown that pain can be relieved by using medication free, non-invasive treatment remedy which is safe and, highly effective and non-addictive.

Millions of individuals throughout the world are influenced by pharmaceutic drugs and other types of patented medication for the relief of pain which often cause serious part effects, which many instances prove to be airport terminal. In america alone 300 500, a staggering number of individuals, die each season from use of health professional prescribed drugs. [Null, et al 2003)

We’ve got biography medical therapeutics – technology meets biology current new understanding of how pain works, pain is now capable of being treated by digitally creating specialized waveform to simulate action potentials for the comfort of pain and irritation and also to repair and treat tissues.

No longer do patients have to go through unnecessary pain or use drugs that can cause a whole new group of medical problems!

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