Roller Blinds Decorating Tips

Getting the Own Custom Made Painting tool Window blinds

If you are tired of your old roller blinds but might not have enough money to buy ones, you could simply decorate your roller shades and make them look stylish and brand new. When remodeling a home, people usually look closely at changing the color of them or rearranging the furniture, completely neglecting the look of their windows. On the other hand, simply think of how many times during the day anyone looks away the window and you will get the idea why changing your windows treatments is definitely an important part of a remodeling job within your home. Right now, if you are happy with the blinds you already have, but simply want to refresh their look, there are a few things you can do to redecorate your tool blinds. online window blinds

Before beginning the redesigning task, you’ll need to make certain that the blinds are properly dusted and cleansed since you do not want everything to get in the way of your creativity. Collect the dust by using a feather duster or a vacuum cleanser and use some drinking water and a clean cloth or sponge to wipe the shades. While you are already detaching the blind, you could clean it more thoroughly by soaking it into a bathtub. 

Fabric to Cloth Decoration

First option in decorating your roller shades is by attaching some fabric onto its surface. The procedure is fairly simple. You will have to measure the blind in order of deciding the size of the fabric you’ll be later gluing onto the window blind. The fabric should be a few inches larger on the sides than the blind, not just in minimize the chance for measurement error but to also ease the gluing process. Now choose the fabric. You can opt for some natural or synthetic materials, single-colored or patterned, it is totally up to you. However, better opt for some light materials like cotton rather than heavy ones like wool or velvet, since these may affect your blinds efficiency.

The next step include sticking the fabric on to the blind. Use aerosol glue or glue marker to apply the stuff evenly across the shades surface. Start attaching the information from top to bottom level, making sure that there will be no creases or pockets. If you are done you could wrap the additional fabric around the blind and stuff it on the spine or simply cut it off.

Once your redecorated roller sightless has dried, it is time to add the completed. To properly seal the blind, add some white glue within the fabric which will prevent it from fraying. If you do not intend on rolling the blind down and up too often a matte sealant along the edges will do the key. After everything has completely dried, your tool blind is ready to go back up.

Color Roller Blind Decoration

Today, if you have some free time on your hands, you could associated with things even more interesting with the addition of some color to your blinds. Certainly not to worry, due to the fact that this is not too complicated but involves a lttle bit more creative imagination and imagination. Make some water, some cloth paint and a few sponges. For more simple shapes, use regular a sponge (square, circle) but if you wish to take your painting tool blind decoration a step further, purchase some a sponge in several shapes like plants, animals, fruits or simply make some by yourself.

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