The Role of Biometric Technologies in Data Protection

Lately, a news story arrived out concerning a break outs of break-ins at the Congressional offices positioned in Buenos aires, DC. Items stolen included computer equipment, personal items, items left in attention and possibly confidential or private information. The analysis is still ongoing. One particular might assume government office buildings are immune to robberies or thieves given the high level of security deployed. However, this is not the truth. fusionex founder

Today many people take pleasure in the convenience of using their laptops or USB flash disks to carry and carry information. The product are small and easy to use. Naturally of their compact size the unit can be easily lost or stolen. 

Sometimes a company may allow employees to use their laptops or flash disks to bring company data which can be utilized outside of the office to work on various projects at their leisure. This practice may seem to be benign, but you may be wondering what happens if flash disks or laptop is lost or stolen? Many companies do install devices to observe laptops if they are lost or stolen, but these devices usually do not deploy technology to protect the data stored on laptops. The question becomes which is more important, the laptop or the data stored?

In today’s complex information age group, protecting one’s information and privacy has never recently been more important. You are likely to expect major corporations holding our data, like licensing reporting agencies, healthcare companies and high level government offices to shield our data, but this is simply not always the case. Injuries do happen and sometimes the theft of personal, private or confidential data can leave someone or company very vulnerable.

Biometrics is a leading technology which utilizes an person’s unique biological identity to offer an accurate recognition of the individual. Every person has unique iris and fingerprint signatures which biometrics technology uses to utilize complex algorithms to verify ones identity.

Though, biometric technology is regarded as very great, applications used are usually quite simple and entail either a simple retinal eye scan to verify identity or a person simply swiping their little finger over a scanner type device. Though, biometrics is not a common household name, the security provided through Biometric technology is undeniable when compared to the potential damaged that can be brought on by not securing government offices, confidential or private data.

Personal information stored with an USB flash storage, if stolen or lost, could easily compromised the rightful owner. Hopefully a “good Samaritan” will find the lost disk and returning it back to rightful owner. However, the lost disk could also wrap up in the possession of an identity thief who can use the unguaranteed data on the adobe flash disk to his edge. Given unrestricted entry to the data an identity crook can seriously compromise the rightful owner.

It is not uncommon for folks to carry information on notebooks or flash disks like their names, address information about letters written, financial information concerning spread sheets, telephone quantities, e-mail addresses and even credit card numbers. This kind of information is totally gold to an identity thief.

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