The Tricky Issue of Duplicate Content & What Google Says About It

Being a full-time on line marketer manner you need to maintain a close watch on how Google is rating pages on the net… one very severe situation is the whole problem of replica contentgreater importantly, how does having reproductioncontent in your very own site and on different people‘s web siteshave an effect on your keyword scores in Google and the other search engines like google and yahoogoogle serp api

Now, recently it seems that Google is an awful lot greater open approximately simply the way it ranks content material. I say “seems” due to the fact with Google there are years and years of distrust in terms of how they treat content materialand webmasters. Google’s complete “do as I say” attitude leaves a sour flavor in most site owners‘ mouths. so much so, that many have had greater than enough of Google’s attitude and ignore what Google and their pundits say altogether.

This might be very emotionally gratifyingbut is it the proper path or mindset to take? probably now not!

specially becauseirrespective of whether you like or hate Google, there may be no denying they’re King of on-line searchand you should play by way of their regulations or depart a lot of critical on-line revenue at the table. Now, for my predominant keyword content/pages even a lack of only a few locations within the scores can suggest I lose hundreds of greenbacks in each day commissions, so some thing affecting my rankings obviously get my on the spot attention.

So the complete tricky issue of reproduction content material has brought about me some challenge and i have made an ongoing intellectual notice to myself to discover the whole thing i will approximately it. i am specifically involved aboutmy content being ranked lower because the serps suppose it’s miles reproduction content material and penalizes it.

My state of affairs is compounded by using the reality that i’m closely into article marketing – the equal articles are featured on hundredssome instances lots of sites across the webclearlyi am involved those articles will dilute or decrease my rankings rather than accomplish their supposed cause of having better rankings.

try to range the anchor text/key-word link in the useful resource bins of these articles. I do not use the equal keywordphrase again and again again, as i am nearly 99superb Google has a “key-word use” quota – repeat the identicalkeyword phrase too often and your particularly related content material will be lowered around 50 or 60 locationsbasically taking it out of the quest results. Been there, completed that!

I even like filing precise articles to positive popular websites so handiest that website online has the itemfor this reasondoing away with the entire duplicate content problem. This also makes for a first-rate search engine optimizationapproachspecially for beginning on-line entrepreneurs, your own site will take the time to get to a PR6 or PR7, howeveryou can vicinity your content material and hyperlinks on excessive PR7 or PR8 authority web sites straight awaythis could bring in great visitors and assist your very own web page get set up.

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