The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) “of the Year Awards” 2008 – Who Won What?

2008 was a totally splendid year for the UFC. Awesome occasions, incredible battles, stunning entries, horrible knockouts, and stunning surprises. 2008 had everything, except specific battles and warriors emerge as the highest points of 2008, read on to discover who won what and why.  ufc 229 live stream

Occasion of the Year:

UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008. UFC 92 was the best MMA occasion of the year, not simply UFC, but rather around the world. Every one of the 7 battles appeared on the PPV were astounding; it wasn’t only the knockouts and surprises, yet the air and generation esteem that made this the best occasion of the year. UFC 92 was just awesome. 

Good specify goes to UFC: Fight for the Troops and UFC 80: Rapid Fire. The two occasions highlighted extraordinary battles and inconceivable thump outs.

Battle of the Year:

In the UFC, there were a considerable measure of extraordinary battles in 2008, yet the one battle that emerges in my psyche as battle of the year is Georges “Surge” St. Pierre versus Jon Fitch at UFC 87. This is a sincere belief, as a bad-to-the-bone GSP fan, watching him put on a 5 round facility on his way to a consistent choice was excellent.

Fair specify goes to Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture at UFC 91, Forrest Griffin and Quinton Jackson at UFC 86, and Sean Sherk versus Tyson Griffin at UFC 90. I’m certain there are battles that I’m missing, yet those are the ones that emerge in my psyche.

Round of the Year:

It’s hard to recollect rounds, yet there was one round in the GSP/Fitch battle that I’ll always remember. The third round of the battle was essentially astounding. An astounding show of ability on GSP’s part, and a rousing show of heart on Fitch’s part. Fitch was totally overwhelmed and dropped twice despite everything he continued battling. Watching GSP move was fabulous, he was fast and exact, maybe he was skimming. While Round One was a standout amongst the most energizing rounds I’ve seen, Round Three was the best round of MMA I found in the UFC in 2008.

Rebound of the Year (in a solitary battle):

The man known for his epic rebounds wins this one no doubt. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria’s dug out from a deficit accommodation triumph against Tim Sylvia at UFC 81 was what MMA is about. Nogueria was shaken early and regularly by Sylvia and it appeared that Sylvia would hit his way to a consistent choice. Nogueria was harmed awful right on time in Round Three yet utilized his splendid Jiu-Jitsu aptitudes to get Sylvia in a guillotine stifle.

KO of the year:

There are three KO’s that happened as of late in the UFC that strike a chord for KO of the Year; Rashad Evans on Chuck Liddell at UFC 88, Josh Koscheck on Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFN for the Troops, and Quinton “Frenzy” Jackson on Wanderlei Silva at UFC 92.

Every one of them merit the respect, however I need to pick one and I’m running with Koscheck on Yoshida. While the other two were stunning and awful, the Koscheck KO is basically two KO’s at the cost of one. Koscheck KOed Yoshida and he fell back against the pen, he hit the enclosure, bobbed forward and Koscheck gave him one more for good fortunes sending him colliding with the canvas as the ref ventured in to stop the battle.

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