Tips For Proper Lawn Fertilizing Techniques

Yard fertilizing is not drive science but does desire a little background knowledge to be done properly. Right now there are a few tips that can aid the homeowner in completing this task with little to no effort. These tips might help in reaching the perfect lawn that you have always wanted. Best Fertilizer Spreader

Just a little background information on the lawn goes a long way in making certain the lawn gets what needs, when it needs it. A simple dirt test in addition to a pH test can ensure that the homeowner to determine what the yard is missing. This can help the homeowner get the right fertilizer for the backyard and apply it properly. 

The best results will be achieved by adding only what the yard actually needs rather than adding unnecessary chemicals. On the average, a low nitrogen fertilizer is preferred when feeding any lawn. Help to make use of a gradual release formula to avoid the fertilizer burning spots in the lawn and having an even feed across the whole yard.

Apply the fertilizer at least two times 12 weeks, the spring and the fall. The states with a shorter growing season can get by with this and gain some great results. Those with a longer growing season, such as Georgia and Florida, will require two applications in the spring and two in the fall season.

Be sure that if the spill should occur that it must be cleaned up immediately by using a dry method such as a broom or cleaner. If stray fertilizer is washed into a stream or drain, it can affect the water resource. This can spell devastation for the complete community.

Work with a spreader to ensure even using the fertilizer. Spreaders come in several types, including hand-held and pushable, and they can be acquired online or at a garden center. The last point to note is to avoid applying fertilizer within 24 hours of awaited rain and avoid heavy watering for 24 several hours after application. The garden fertilizing steps above provide the path to an attractive lawn without wasted effort and time.

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