Weapons and Martial Arts

Pretty much every martial art has some type of weapon that is sometimes considerably shown at a dojo or at seminars. The tool will be whatever that one martial art has utilized it for in the past to either defend oneself or to get into battle with. Handguard

This should be noted that most fighting methods weapons are against the law to hold or use on the street for most parts of the country and I am sure this also applies to the rest of the civilized world so to speak. This means that your training with a weapon or weapons will be confined to the dojo, training hall or possibly your home. 

Presenting the weapon consist of more public places could get you arrested and also have your system confiscated. The other alternate is that an police officer will treat you just as one threat and deadly force may be accidentally applied which means you could possibly be sprayed with pepper, shot or even both.

A person with a tool that is at public is treated very seriously by law enforcement and the can not take chances when dealing with an unidentified situation. And so the first guideline is; use your martial arts weapon only in the dojo, training lounge or your home.

This kind of rule may well not apply at adhere weapons such as a hanbo, jo or bo which just indicate different lengths of the solid wood sticks. Use common sense when carrying any type of martial arts tool from the dojo or training hall because what seems innocent to you may look totally different to someone else.

You ought to be cautious when dealing with handling weapons at all times. A straightforward solution to carrying wooden weapons is to get a hold case to use when transporting them outside in public. These bags are relatively inexpensive and can solve many issues before they arise.

The a comprehensive portfolio of weapons found in martial arts is quite different and their roots usually come from ordinary items and tools that were easily accessible to the common man. It was important because many of the weaponry were developed to use against occupying forces including the Japanese in Okinawa. Seeing that evident weapons were banned by the government specialists simple farm tools were adapted including the bo, claime and tonfa.

With these weapons in plain eyesight yet hidden the common man was able to gain proficiency in shielding themselves with such simple tools. Flash forward to the present as well as you will still find these weapons being trained with in dojos all around the world. An absolute legs to the effectiveness of these kind of weapons.

There are other types of normal objects which may have been used as weapons such as chains, nails and walking sticks. Add sharpened items such as sickles, asparagus spears, knives and even swords in addition to quite a set of workable tools for defensive and offensive actions.

Regardless of what weapon is employed the basic principles of fighting techinques are needed to utilize the weapon in the best way possible. The body movements, the feet position, the strikes and protective blocking techniques are all used when training with a weapon you are holding or hands.

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