Life and Mind Matters
          Enjoy life’s moments.

Life & Mind Matters: Helping you realize your potential, cope with life’s challenges, reach your goals , and improve your quality of life.

  • Life & Mind Matters is an established company in the Long Island region, specializing in helping people cope with life challenges, manage stress and provide non-pharmacological pain management.
  • We have had success in improving the quality of life of individual adults dealing with stress or pain due to life transitions, marriage issues, chronic illness, cancer or other life challenges.
  • In order to guarantee customer satisfaction the professional licensed staff have been trained in psychotherapy, mind-body therapies pertaining to stress management and non-pharmacological pain management.
  • Life & Mind Matters exudes the highest quality effort and provides expert knowledge regarding both stress management and non-pharmacological pain management.
  • We provide a nurturing environment within which our clients feel welcome, safe and encouraged to deal with their life challenges .
  • We believe in creating a treatment plan that will provide you with lifetime coping skills that help you to manage your life challenge, stress or pain even after you complete your work with us.
  •  If you have any questions pertaining to stress management or non-pharmacological pain management, please give us a call;  Life & Mind Matters is here to help.

Life & Mind Matters In Long Island: Using Relaxation, Meditation and Imagery

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  • At Life & Mind Matters we believe in partnering with our clients in helping them improve their quality of life through cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation, meditation and imagery.
  • We work as a team and focus on the issues at hand in a professional and timely manner.  At Mind Matters our main goal is client satisfaction and helping individuals realize their full potential in life.
  • We provide educational material in the form of a newsletter so that our clients will have more information on the benefits of the therapies we use.
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