Life and Mind Matters
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Shibani Ray-Mazumder, Sc.D., LMSW, MS  .

NYS License:  059456-1

Dr. Ray-Mazumder has worked in the field of public health over two decades.  She received her Doctor of Science in Maternal and Child Health from the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health in Baltimore , Maryland.  Dr. Ray-Mazumder’s primary area of research interest was in prevention of high risk outcomes through risk assessment .  For the past eight years, Dr. Ray-Mazumder has been Director of  two Research Programs at Stony Brook University and has held adjunct faculty positions in Preventive Medicine and Nursing. 

Her interest expanded from research and methodology to clinical issues when Shibani received her MSW from University of Maryland, School of Social Work.  Her specialization in clinical mental health trained her to work with individuals coping with life’s challenges including depression, marriage issues, chronic illness and cancer. Due to increased requests from patients and community members for her services in stress and pain management, Dr. Ray-Mazumder opened up her practice: Life and Mind Matters in South Setauket .  Shibani works with clients at both individual and group sessions. 

Shibani received additional training in Clinical Meditation and Imagery from the Huntington Psychosynthesis Institute.  This certification has enabled her to integrate, when needed, her training in meditation and imagery to successfully work with individuals suffering from life challenges, stress and pain.  Dr. Ray-Mazumder runs a successful practice in South Setauket, NY where she partners with adults to help them achieve their life’s goals and improve their quality of life. 

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