Life and Mind Matters
          Enjoy life’s moments.

1.Do you use meditation for every session?

Meditation is a therapy tool. Therefore, it is used only when the therapist has thoroughly understood your issues , you and your therapist have discussed how comfortable you feel in practicing meditation, and the therapist has determined that it is appropriate and helpful to your case.

2.Do you accept insurance?

We are AETNA behavioral health providers. If you have a different insurance plan , inquire about their out of providers service and also whether they are on Multiplan. We will work with you to make your sessions as affordable as possible since our focus is on your wellness. Call for a free consult.

3.Do you work with more than stress and pain?

Life and Mind Matters works with all life challenging issues and focusses on the individual’s discovery of their inner potential and strength. These issues include marrriage and family therapy issues, couples counselling, coping with life transitions, intergenerational and cultural conflict issues, coping with illness in the family and surviving cancer.

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